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As a Construction Management Company, TRACE is here to answer all of your questions throughout the process. Our FAQ page is here to clear up and provide answers to some of the most common questions that we encounter as your construction or remodel process begins. 


What Do You Do As An Owners Rep? 

  • Analyze  constructibility.

  • Advise the owner on project delivery systems and forms of contracts.

  • Identify appropriate potential design, consulting and contracting resources.

  • Serve as a single point of contact between contractors and designers.

  • Represent the owner at key meetings.

  • Monitor the project schedule and budget.

  • Audit quality assurance/quality control procedures.

  • Assist in evaluating contractor payment requests and change orders.

  • Provide routine monthly reporting and special reporting as needed.

  • Facilitate issue resolution.


Where do you work geographically? 

  • Generally the greater sf Bay Area from Palo Alto to Sonoma, but I will also take on larger remote projects outside of this area. 

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